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APS AC Load Banks are the smallest AC load banks in the industry that offer unmatched capacities with rugged durability. Each load bank is fully self-contained and designed for portable AC load testing that can easily withstand harsh testing environments. Our patent-pending resistor design and assembly make it possible to achieve smaller portable load banks than anyone in the industry. The resistors are built for durability and are backed by a two-year warranty. AC load bank testing can provide predictive failure analysis of backup power systems in any industry. Optional features allow for complete load bank customization for any application.

For continuous load, the AC Load Bank series includes several standard models. These models are intended for the most common applications. Full specifications for these units can be found in the downloads section on the right side of your screen. All load banks include durable finishing, ten-foot cables, lifting handles, stainless steel exterior fasteners, a rugged construction frame, and a hard-carrying case as standard.

Every AC Load Bank has an easy-to-use operator control panel with a digital LED display. Red and green lights indicate airflow and overheating, respectively. Individual fan switches, load step switches, and master load switches make the unit simple to use. Every AC Load Bank includes safety features such as fast-acting branch circuit fuse protection and sensors to prevent overheating and current overload. AC load banks are only used indoors. 


Key Features 

  • Small and simple to use
  • dependable load element
  • Temperature and overvoltage protection
  • 0-40k continuous variable
  • High-speed testing of generator and UPS voltage, current, and transient voltage waveforms
  • Large TFT touch screen, simple operation, and a clear display of testing data and waveforms
  • Power is continuously adjustable from 0 to 40kW, and current is adjustable from 0 to 60A.
  • Discharge time can be set to 0 to 99 hours with a resolution of 1 minute.
  • Different current, end-time, discharge power, and voltage thresholds can be set (upper or lower limit)
  • There is an emergency stop button.
  • When the three-phase voltage exceeds a certain threshold, the auto-stop discharge mechanism kicks in.
  • When the three-phase voltage falls below a certain threshold, the discharge is automatically stopped.
  • has an overcurrent short circuit protection circuit
  • Any fan failure will result in a warning and an automatic shutdown.

Benefits of AC Load Banks

  • Digital metering for precise data reading 
  • Manually controlled by the user or via software with a pre-programmed load profile 
  • Software for detailed data management, analysis, and report generation 
  • Automatic load testing allows the user to set custom power and time periods. 
  • Current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, and time are all displayed. 
  • Emergency manual stop button for quick load test termination 
  • Overload, overvoltage, high temperature, and short-circuit protection are all automatic stop features. 

Applications Area:

  • Colocation
  • Data Center
  • Enterprise Data Center
  • Power Generation
  • UPS
  • Utilities & Switchgear

Technical Specifications



Voltage Test 

Test Range    

220V/480VAC, 3Ø 





Current Test 

Test Range     

AC 0 ~ 60A 





Working Power      

110V±10% 60Hz, 220V±10% 50Hz 

Load Input Voltage        

220V/480VAC, 3Ø 


Force air cooling 




TFT touch screen, 320*240 pixel 

Dimension (main body)              

492*352*176 (mm) 

Safety features include: 

All three phases of all load steps have fast-acting branch circuit fuse protection. 
  • Control circuit fused at 120 volts 
  • If there is a loss of cooling air, an air pressure switch prevents the load from being applied. 
  • If an over-temperature condition is detected, the load is automatically removed. 
  • Current overload protection is used to protect the Blower Motor circuit. 
  • On appropriate access panels and doors, operator warning and caution statements are located. 


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Grant Transformers have a strong steel outer chassis with separate interior chambers for control and cooling elements. This keeps electrical components away from dirt and debris, ensuring long-term reliability in harsh test environments. For added weather protection, permanent outdoor rated units include louvers. All units include a number of built-in automatic safety shutdowns as well as a manual override shutdown.