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Main Features

  • Internal resistance and conductance measurements are switchable. 
  • 56000Ah test range, compatible with cells 1.2V, 2V, 6V, and 12V. 
  • Handheld device that is both smart and portable, as well as rugged and ready to use. 
  • Colorful touch screen with keyboard and touch screen operation options. 
  • Voltage and internal resistance/conductance are both tested at the same time. 
  • In seconds, battery and string testing 
  • Automatically saves testing data 
  • High current anti-interference performance that is stable and accurate. 
  • Low testing frequency- avoids capacitive resistance interference. 
  • Direct USB drive for computer software updates and data transfer. 
  • Powerful PC management software that makes data storage and analysis easy. 
  • More than 3000 cells are being tested for data storage. 
  • Overvoltage protection and a buzzer alarm are included. 
  • Auto-calibration feature for testing precision. 
  • Built-in reference value and self-defined value for testing result comparison 
  • The retest and compensation functions allow you to retest any faulty operation or omission. 
  • Optional feature: wireless data transfer to IT system via GPRS model. 


The APS – Advanced Portable Battery Tester was created to support the battery market, where there is a need for a separate source to determine and technically evaluate a battery’s status and life span. To accurately determine the battery’s status, it must be measured at both the impedance and conductance levels, as well as the DC voltage. This is only possible with the Antipodes Advanced Battery Tester. This application uses multi-frequency scanning to perform non-invasive, non-destructive testing on lead-acid batteries. The APS tester can provide accurate and effective capacitive information, ensuring that backup power systems deliver power when it is required. This technology will ensure that maintenance costs are reduced and that the battery is used to its full potential without risk. 

The APS -Advanced Battery Tester is a must-have for regular standby battery maintenance and testing. The APS -Portable Battery Tester can be used to test the cell’s internal resistance/conductance and voltage, assisting in the elimination of weak batteries and ensuring optimal battery string performance. 


Resistance Range: 0.00 mΩ~ 100 mΩ 

Conductance Range: 100-19990 Siemens 

Voltage Range: 0.000V ~16V 

Minimum Test Resolution 

Resistance (Conductance): 0.1m Ω (0.01S) 

Voltage: 1mv 

Test Accuracy 

Resistance (Conductance): ±1.0%rdg ±6dgt 

Voltage: ±0.2%rdg ±6dgt 

Power Supply: Li-ion battery (7.2V 2400mAh) 

Working Time: More than 5 hours 

Measuring Data Memory: >3000 cells 

Operation Environment: 0℃ to 40℃, 90% R.H 

Measuring Cells Per String: 1≤cells≤254 

LCD Display: 320*240 pixel, 3.5” TFT screen 

Net Weight: 2 kg 

Dimension: (L X W X H Mm) 210 x 110 x 60 m 

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  1. Amelia

    Excellent tool for tracking battery usage for any mobile power system. I highly recommend this portable battery monitor as it gives reliable and accurate reading.

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