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Voltage Stabiliser

An AVR, better known as a Voltage Stabiliser (VS), is a sustainable solution where environments experience unreliable voltage and subsequent equipment failures. If the environment does not require an instant backup solution, then the APS Voltage Stabiliser will suit the application perfectly. With zero batteries utilised in the solution, one can expect minimal long term maintenance cost as an added benefit. Other unforeseen benefits prevail as a result of using Voltage Stabilisers.

The Voltage Stabilisers microprocessor monitors the output voltage of the stabiliser and controls the supply of voltage to the injection circuit. The servo mechanical circuit coupled to the buck boost transformer is energised in the appropriate polarity to restore the voltage to the correct level. The method of stabilisation inherently compensates for any change in the output voltage.

By adopting this methodology the APS-AVR 3P ensures that loads are not subjected to voltage variations which either are too low or too high, which result in equipment failure, such as electronic control systems failing or burning out due to over voltage, or motors and cooling systems stalling and failing due to very low voltages as a result of not enough torque. The APS-AVR 3P is designed to operate 24/7 continuously in harsh environments to protect and ensure the long life of the equipment. This technology incorporates simple-to-read displays to ensure clarity of raw power and regulated power from the AVR itself.


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