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Main Features

  • A special kind mounting system 
  • Case made of strong steel 
  • Surge Rating: 22.5kA, Category A, Class III device 
  • Specifically designed for server racks 
  • Super Small 
  • Lowers electrical noise 
  • Improves product dependability 
  • Connection that is Plug and Play 
  • Five-year warranty 


The SPD PDU Power 19″ is intended to protect equipment from power surges and electrical noise while also providing a convenient combination of power outlets suitable for most applications. A unique mounting system enables mounting in a variety of modes to accommodate crowded racks. Even if there is no rack space available, the units can be mounted externally on the front or back of the rack. The units require a single 1RU rack space for installation when mounted horizontally. The unit requires 3RU (132mm) of rack space for vertical mounting. The unit can also be mounted flush to either side of a rack or cabinet. 


APS- SPD PDU Power 19” Rack

Current Rating 10A total
Configuration Single-phase, L/N/E
Surge Protection Category AS/NZS1768 Category B
Primary Protection Modes L-N, L-E, and N-E
Secondary Protection Modes L-N, L-E, and N-E
Surge Rating (8/20us L-N) 22.5kA
Let-through Voltage < 700V@ 3kA
Overvoltage Withstand 300VRMS
Filter Type Low Q/low C filter providing differential and common-mode filtering.
Attenuation > 50dB above 1MHz.
Voltage Drop Less than 3V at rated load.
Input Connection Approved power cord with Australian 10A plug
Output Connections Australian 3 pin 10A (x8).
Enclosure Steel, powder coated, black.
Dimensions (Without Brackets) 41 x 120 x 44 mm (W x D x H)
Weight 1.2kg

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APS-SPD PDU Power 19 Inch Rack

1 review for APS – NETWORK POWER SPD

  1. Olivia

    It is an exceptional device for protecting my equipment from power surges. Its reliable and high-quality performance has saved me from costly repairs and downtime

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