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Static Switches have been developed due to high level, super critical power-dependent environments where there can absolutely be no chance of power outages occurring. The technology controlled by intelligent microprocessor controls allows instantaneous transfer of power sources to the load. The transfer of power source is so fast that the load does not recognize the transfer made from Feed A to Feed B or visa versa. This feed can be raw mains and protected mains or genset and protected mains. The solution results in increased power redundancy, power blackout protection with integrated easy to use static and mechanical transfer capability to input sources. This technology is ideal for critical sites which cannot afford any downtime whatsoever. Often this technology will be adopted where a customer desires N+1 redundancy and opts to supply a UPS to both an A Feed and a B feed thereby ensuring that, should a worst case scenario occur, that the client’s site is fully protected from power outages.

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