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APS Lithium-Ion Phosphate Batteries (Home and Office)

  • Easy Install: The Powerpack is designed to allow for easy wall-mount or floor-standing installations
  • Long life: Superior safety & BMS with more than 10 years lifespan.
  • High IP Level: APS Power Pack can be used both indoors and outdoors with an IP65 rating.
  • Compatible with most inverters: SMA, Solax etc.
  • High Safety Performance (CE/UL) approved: Safe Li-Ion battery with an internal protection circuit board
  • Green Energy: No toxic materials contained
  • Supercycle capability: More than 4000 deep cycles at 1C rate
  • No memory effect: A highly efficient charge anytime with no reduction of capacity
  • Operation temperature: -20~65°C
  • Super Compact: Lighter weight and high capacity, 1/2 size of lead acid battery
  • Low self-discharge rate: < 3% monthly
  • Warranty: 5 years


Introducing an advanced energy storage solution, APS- Lithium Power batteries meet high quality, high capacity, excellent stability and high-cycle capability. The technology has been tested to stringent safety standards and has completed all required certifications. APS- Lithium-Ion Batteries deliver safe lithium phosphate energy storage solutions in a super compact wall mount or floor mount enclosure. Ideally suited for home and small commercial applications or environments where space and aesthetics are required. The Lithium Powerpack has a built-in advanced touch screen with intuitive information for correct usage

APS Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries (also known as Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries) are extremely lightweight batteries designed for deep-cycle (cyclic) applications and are completely dry batteries, making them spill-proof and leak-proof. They can sit for long periods without losing charge and can also be charged extremely quickly without damaging the battery.



APS- Lithium Power Wall Mount for Home & Office applications

Model APS Nano 7.2kWh
Total Energy (kWh) 7.68
Usable Energy (kWh) 6.08
Capacity (Ah) 150
Nominal Voltage (V) 21.2
Voltage Range (V) 40~58.4
Lifespan (80% DOD @ 25 Deg) > 1000 (10 years)
Charge Operating Temperature -20deg~60deg
Discharge Operating Temperature -20deg~60deg
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 1100*1060*145
Weight 125
Enclosure Protection Rating IP65
Installation Wall-Mounted or Floor-Standing
Warranty 5 years
Communication RS485
Certification UL, IEC62133, IEC62619, UN38.3 (Product)

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