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Main Features

  • Data network security in accordance with the standard 
  • IEEE802.3at/af,UL497b,IEC61643-21 
  • Ethernet system protection that is PoE-compatible 
  • High discharge capability with a total nominal discharge current of 10kA 8/20 and a lightning current of up to 1.0kA. 
  • The EMI Shielded Enclosure, 19″ bay design, can be easily installed on a standard 19-inch machine cabinet. 
  • With GDT and TVS technology, two-stage protection circuit limits transients. 
  • A PTC for over-current and short-circuit fault protection is included. 
  • RJ45 connector with 8 wires of protection for 100/1000 BaseT/BaseTX, ATM, and Token Ring network technology. 


The network SPD surge protection device, also called ethernet cable surge protector, protects a data line, including computer network signals, communication devices, and so on. Plug the ethernet port electrical surge protection devices into the data cable and ground it to prevent lightning surges from damaging the device. The APSDSB48/RJ45-1000-24P multiport Ethernet-PoEProtector is intended for use in category locations B and C (ANSI/IEEE C62.41) or directly upstream near the protected devices. 


APS- SPD Network Protector 19”

Part. No DSB48/RJ45-1000-24P
In accordance with IEEE 802.3at/af,UL497b,IEC 61643-21
Nominal Voltage (Vdc) Un 48
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (Vdc) Uc 60
C2 Nominal Discharge Current (8/20us) In 2.5kA
C2 Max. Discharge Current (8/20us) 10kA
Lightning Impulse Current Iimp 1kA
Nominal Current IL 150mA
Voltage Protection Rating (V) @C2 (8/20μs)Up <190(L-L); <500(L-G)
@C3 (1KV/μs)Up <145(L-L); <600(L-G)
Insertion Loss dB ≤0.1
Transmission Speed 1000 Mbps
Continuous Power P (w) 0.49 Watts
Seiesimpedance per line R (Ohm) 1.6 Ohm (PTC)
Technology Two-stage protection circuit, GDT/SAD & PTC tech
Transmission Standards 10BaseT / 100BaseT / 1000BaseT / 1000BaseTX/PoE
Pinning 1/2, 3/6, 4/5, 7/8 for data; and 1&2 / 3&6 / 4&5 / 7&8 for PoE
Mounting Rack Mounting
Material EMI Shielded Enclosure
Type of Connection IN/OUT RJ45 (shielded) Female / Female
Dimensions(mm) 495*134*45
Operating Temperature Range -40°C ~ +85°C (operating current adjusted to 40% @ +85°C)

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1 review for APS – NETWORK DATA SPD

  1. Charlotte

    APS Network Data SPD has been a game-changer for protecting my devices from power surges. With its reliable and high-quality performance, I trust it to keep my network safe and secure.

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