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APS – 4P Low Voltage SPD CLASS 2 230VAC


  • IEC 61643-11 compliant, applicable to TT and TN systems. 
  • Four-pole pluggable design that is easily replaceable with any tools. 
  • This device has a high discharge capacity thanks to its 8/20 us waveform and Imax of 60kA. 
  • Options for both visual status indication and remote signal contact. 


Type 2 AC surge arrester for surge protection of low-voltage power supply systems at lightning protection zones 1-2 and higher boundary lines. The lightning current waveform on the SPD SLP40 series AC Type 2 surge protection device is 8/20 s. 

The SPD SLP40 series of AC Type 2 surge protection devices are intended to protect against transient overvoltages at the service entrance of low-voltage systems or near sensitive equipment. 




Part. No DT60/320-4V-S
In accordance with IEC 61643-11:2011; UL1449-4th
Category IEC / VDE II/ C
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (AC/DC) Uc L – N (AC/DC) 320/420
N – PE (AC) 255
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20) In L-N 30kA
N-PE 30kA
Max. Discharge Current (8/20) Imax L-N 60kA
N-PE 60kA
Voltage Protection Rating L-N@In <1.5kV
L-N@VPR <1.1kV
N-PE (1.2/50) <1.5kV
Response Time L-N ≤25 ns
N-PE ≤100 ns
Follow Current L-N No
N-PE Ifi: 100Arms @ 255Vac
Backup Fuse (only if not provided by mains) 160A gL / gC
Operating Temperature Range - 40 °C ~ + 80 °C
Cross-section of Connection Wire Single-strand 35mm2; multi-strand 25mm2
Mounting 35mm DIN-rail in accordance with EN 50022 / DIN46277-3
Enclosure Material Single-strand 35mm2 ; multi-strand 25mm2
Mounting Thermoplastic; extinguishing degree UL94 V-0
Enclosure Material IP20
Degree of Protection 4 modules, DIN 43880
Installation Width 8 modules, DIN 43880
Thermal Disconnector Internal green – normal; red – failure
Remote Alarm Contact Optional
Approvals, Certifications CE
Additional Data for Remote Alarm Contacts
Remote Alarm Contact Type Isolated Form C
Switching Capability Un / In AC: 250V/0.5A
DC: 250V/0.1A; 125V/0.2A; 75V/0.5A
Max. Size of Connecting Wire Max. 1.5mm2 (or # 16AWG)

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    Good product for protection from electrical surges

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