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  • True online design, pure sine wave output without pollution
  • Reliable Parallel Technology (N+1 Parallel Redundancy)
  • Compact size and lightweight due to high PF rating
  • High Power Factor of 0.9. High output power capacity
  • Online Maintenance/ Repair Mode (should use MMBS in this mode)
  • Intelligent charging management
  • Automatic Restart Function
  • Wide input voltage window tolerances
  • 93% energy efficient in fully online mode
  • Strong EMI resistance in line with IEC61000-4


The APS-T Tower Series UPS D6KS 3D20KS uses parallel redundancy and adopts a double conversion true online structure, which prevents loads from being subjected to sudden power outages. It can ensure output stability by fine voltage regulation and provide very high reliability by adopting digital control technology to achieve parallel redundancy (DSP control).

The APS-T Tower Series is a range of high-frequency true online double conversion UPS which offers high-end technology with a variety of capabilities to meet all ICT environment needs. The UPS offers zero transfer time, with a wide input voltage window for harsher type environments. Its leading-edge technology ensures greatly reduced risks of downtime of sensitive equipment and further risk degradation by its intelligent N+1 DSP-controlled Parallel Redundant offering.



APS-T Tower N+X

Model D6K D6KS** D10K D10KS** 3D10KS 3D15KS** 3D20KS**
Capacity 6KVA/5.4KW 10KVA/9KW 15KVA/13.5KW 20KVA/18KW
Input Phase Single Phase Three Phase
Voltage 120VAC ~ 275VAC 304VAC ~ 478VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 10% ( Battery Mode )
Output Voltage 220/230 ± 1% VAC
Frequency Same with input (utility mode)
50/60 Hz ± 0.5Hz ( Battery Mode )
Crest Ratio 3:1(max)
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time Zero
Backup time (full/half load) 4~7′/12~20′ 3~5′/10~13′
DC Voltage 7Ah × 3 192VDC and 240VDC
Waveform Sinusoidal
THD (%) < 2 for linear load
Power factor 0.8 0.9
Battery Type Sealed, lead acid, rechargeable, maintenance-free
Overload Capacity 105% - 125% Output switches to bypass after 1 min
125% - 135% Output switches to bypass after 30 sec
>135% Output switches to bypass after 100 ms
Distortion (Full Load) Linear Load < 3%
Non-Linear Load < 5%
Communication interface Rs 232 interface + Intelligent Slot
Working Temperature 0° ̴40°C
Relative Humidity 20 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Dimension (W x D x H) 192 VDC
515 x 250 x 616 515 x 240 x 460 515 x 250 x 616 515 x 240 x 460 515 x 250 x 616
570 x 260 x 717 (240VDC)
Net Weight (kg) 192 VDC
56 18.5 61 20 27 35 35.5
40 VDC
90 35 93 38 39 55 55

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