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Main Features:


  • Quick load response 
  • Frequency stability 
  • Low levels of vibration and structure-borne noise 
  • Fuel and lube oil consumption is competitive. 
  • The power-to-weight ratio is high. 
  • Low life cycle cost has been demonstrated.

D.G. Packing:

  • Package design that is highly optimised and efficient 
  • Excellent performance in the extremely harsh environmental conditions 
  • For continuous power supply, there is almost no downtime. 
  • For added strength, the base frame is made of folded sheet metal. 
  • Anti-vibration mounts that work 
  • Shop floor testing is rigorous to ensure class-leading, trouble-free performance. 
  • Testing was carried out using a cutting-edge PLC-based resistive load bank. 



  • Brushless, screen-protected, self-excited alternator in accordance with IS 4722/IEC 60034 – 1. 
  • Excellent ability to start a motor 
  • Excellent alternator efficiency over a wide load range 
  • Compact design with sealed bearings for increased life and reduced maintenance 
  • Engine compatibility has been improved. 


The APS Three Phase Diesel Generator with AMF has a power output range of 100kVA to 3150kVA. The APS Genset, which uses MTU engine-powered generating sets, is known for its dependability. Australia has access to global technology, with the most energy-efficient D. G. set in its rating. The control panels based on microprocessors meet international quality standards. The method of using technology results in longer maintenance intervals. All gensets are pre-tested with a PLC test bench at the factory. All APS Gensets are designed to meet the most recent environmental regulations and have been approved by the CPCB nodal agency. 

APS Generators provides highly optimised and efficient package design three-phase diesel Gensets, excellent performance under demanding environmental conditions, sturdy base frames made of folded metal for increased strength, efficient anti-vibration mounts for vibration-free operation, and stringent shop floor testing to ensure class-leading, trouble-free performance. All three-phase diesel generator tests are performed using cutting-edge PLC-based resistive load bank systems. Solar storage, wind storage, and telecommunications applications are just a few examples. 


APS Diesel Generator with AMF

Model APS SGP 100 PR APS SGN 200 PR APS SGV 500 PR APS SGP 1250 PR APS SGN 3000 PR
Rating 100 KVA 200 kVA 500 kVA 1250 kVA 3000 kVA
80 KW 160 kW 400 kW 1000 kW 2400 kW
Voltage 415 Volts
Frequency 50 Hz
Speed 1500 RPM
Engine Make & Model PERKINS - 1104C-44TAG2 MHEPL200KVAELEC CPCBII VOLVO TAD1641G Perkins-4012- 46TAG0A MTU-20V4000G63L
Base Frame SGPL
Frequency 50 Hz
Fuel Tank Capacity 390 Litres 1000 Liters 990 Liters
Rated Current 139 Amps 278 Amps 696 Amps 1737 Amps 4170 Amps
No. of Cylinders 4 6 6 12 20
Type of Construction Vee
Displacement 4.4 L 7.2 L 16.12 L 45.84 L 95.4 L
Bore/Stroke 105 X 127 mm 105 X 137 m 144 X 165 mm 160 X 190 mm 107 X 210 mm
Gross Engine Power Output 125 BHP 241 BHP 591 BHP 1497 BHP 3473 BHP
Rated Speed 1500 RPM
Aspiration Turbocharged
Governor Type & Class Elec/Class G2 ECU Controlled Class A1 Class G3
Fuel System
Make/Type of Injection System Delphi E3.18
Recommended fuel HSD
Fuel Filter Type Spin on paper element
Specific Fuel Consumption: L/hr
75% Load TBA 37.51 71.66 192.38 426.8
100% Load TBA 45.02 96.51 248.1 565.61
*Note: Specific gravity of fuel considered - 850 gms/Litre with +3% tolerance
Cooling System
Method of Cooling Radiator
Qty of Coolant (engine+ Radiator) 12.6L 25 L 60 L 210 L 205 L
Radiator Fan Power 3.5 KW 11 kW 64 kW 64 kW
Radiator Cooling AirFlow 5848 CFM 13200 CFM 10594 CFM 68651 CFM 150000 CFM
Make Stamford Leroy Somer
Frame UCI274V UCI274H HCI534D PI734B LSC86L2
Power Factor 0.8
No. of Phase 3
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Voltage 415V ±5%
Voltage Regulation ±1% ±0.5% ±1%
Excitation System Self-Excited Self-Regulated Brushless Separately Excited By PMG Self-Excited Self-Regulated Brushless
AVR Type SX460 AS440 MX321 R 450
Induction System
Air Filter Type Paper Element Dry Type
AIr Intake Restriction 50 mbar 23-60 mbar 50 mbar 20-40 mbar 50 mbar
Lubrication System
Recommended Lube Oil 15W40 API -CI4 15W40APICI4+ 15W40 API-CI4 15W40 API-CI4 SAE15W40
Lube Oil Consumption 0.1% Of SFC
Lube Oil Filter Type Paper Element Spin On Cartridge - Type paper element Paper Element
Lube Oil System Capacity (With Filter) 8.0 L 20.2 L 48 L 177 L 390 L
Exhaust System
Silencer Type Critical-grade Residential
Number of Silencers 1 1 No. Dual 1 2
Maximum Allowable Bak Pressure 180 mbar 101 mbar 100 mbar 50 mbar 30 mbar
Exhaust Gas Temperature 514 ◦C 610 ◦C 446 Deg ◦C 425 ◦C 565 ◦C
Output Ratings
Generating Set Rating 415V - 50 Hz | 100 KVA | 80 kW 415V - 50 Hz | 200 KVA | 160 kW 415V - 50 Hz | 500 KVA | 400 kW 415V - 50 Hz | 1250 KVA | 1000 kW 415V - 50 Hz | 3000 KVA | 2400 kW
Ratings 0.8 power factor
Definitions: Prime Rating This rating is applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in lieu of commercially purchased power for unlimited number of hours with an average load factor of 80%
Fuel Consumption Data Fuel consumption data with diesel fuel of specific gravity 0.85 and conforming to IS: 1460
Dimension(L*W*Hmm) 3500 x 1600 x 2110 mm 3500 x 1600 x 2106 mm 5950 x 2000 x 2510 mm 9000 x 3000 x 4740 mm TBA
Weight (Approx.) Kg 2800 kgs 2546 kgs 8600 kgs 18000 kgs TBA

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  1. Noah

    This Three Phase Diesel Generator is a reliable and powerful machine that delivers consistent performance. Highly recommended for heavy-duty usage.

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