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Key Features 

  • High Cycle Capacity (100% DOD equals 3000 cycles) (30% DOD equals 8000 cycles) 
  • increased safety performance 
  • Wide temperature range of operation 
  • Outstanding high-temperature performance 
  • Green energy contains no toxic materials. 
  • High output capacity 
  • Consistent output voltage 
  • Self-discharge is low. 
  • Protection from two sources 
  • High-level vibration and shock resistance 


APS- Lithium 12VDC Batteries provide safe lithium phosphate energy storage solutions in standard lead-acid battery capacity rating (AH) and actual lead-acid battery frame size. The APSLithium12VDC battery range is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to UPS, solar storage, telecommunications applications, and so on. These lithium-ion batteries are designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries, with twice the run time and half the weight. 

APS Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries (also known as Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries) are extremely lightweight deep-cycle (cyclic) batteries that are completely dry, making them spill-proof and leak-proof. They can sit for long periods of time without losing charge and can be charged quickly without causing damage to the battery. 

APS- Lithium-ion cylindrical cells are optimised by monitoring cells with their battery PCM/BMS to provide protection against overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuits. This method allows each battery pack to achieve an independent balancing effect. Overall, the BMS contributes to the safe and accurate operation of the system. 

Safety Characteristics

• Over-charge/Over-discharge protection
• Short-circuit protection
• Puncture withstand capability to withstand
• Thermal-shock capability


APS Lithium 12VDC Battery Lead Acid Frame Type

Electrical Characteristics
Nominla voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (@25deg) 5Ah~300Ah
DC Internal Resistance ≤40mῺ~≤50mῺ
Expected Cycle Life More than 4000 cycles with 1C charge and discharge rate at 25deg
Operation Conditions
Charge Method CC-CV
Max. Charge Voltage 14.6V
Continous Charge Current 5A~100A max.
Charge Temperature 0deg~45deg
Continous Discharge Current 5A~100A max.
Peak Instant Discharge Current (10 secs) 10A~200A
Discharge Cut off voltage 10.0V
Discharge Temperature -20deg~65deg
Storage Temperature -20deg~65deg
Self Discharge (Stored at 50% SOC) <=3% per month

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  1. Matilda

    ‘ve been using the APS Lithium-Ion 12V DC Battery for my camping trips and it has exceeded my expectations. With 8000 cycles at 30% DOD and high-temperature performance, it’s perfect for any outdoor adventure. Plus, its eco-friendly and safe composition make it a great investment.

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