APS- SPD TRX Distribution Transformer Protection

  • Compliance with UL14494th, IEEE StdC62.11™
  • Wide voltage range single-phase power protection
  • The APS-TRX40/240-2P is suitable for 120/240V single phase networks with large voltage fluctuation
  • Max discharge current 40kA(8/20 uS)
  • Waterproof and flame resistant IP68 (or NEMA6P)
  • Easy installation, with 60cm connection wire.Connect directly to the phase and neutral (or ground) on the LV side of the



The APS-TRX40 surge arrester adopts UL certified high-performance MOV technology as its core component, with high surge discharge capacity and low voltage protection level. It can effectively suppress the transient over voltage on power lines caused by lightning strikes and other electrical sources. TheAPS-TRX40 is designed for transformer low-voltage connections. Protection against the risk of the harmful effects of transient surges results in smooth operation and reliability of a transformer resulting in extended life of the asset.The APS-TRX40 uses a high grade stainless steel housing with a high waterproof and flame resistant packaging. It is ideal for long term use in harsh natural exposed environments.

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APS- SPD TRX40 Distribution Transformer Protection