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Main Features

  • Design that is easily transportable 
  • Touch screen in colour 
  • Harmonic testing up to 50 times with frequency spectrum graph 
  • 3-phase apparent power, active power, reactive power, power factor, and 3-phase electric power are all tested. 
  • Unbalanced 3-phase testing with a colourful chart 
  • Surge current is recorded at least 40 times. 
  • Wave motion, short-time flicker, and long-time flicker testing 
  • Up to 40 times of sag and swell are recorded. 
  • Recording capability for basic (stable) power quality parameters has been expanded. 
  • Intervals of recording time can be set between 1 second and 30 minutes. 
  • A digital oscilloscope examines the waveform for voltage and current signals. 
  • With Data View software for easy testing result analysis 
  • Standard Compliant with EN 50160 


The APS – Power Quality Analyzer is a simple tool for monitoring and troubleshooting three-phase power. Three-phase power quality meters aid in the detection, prediction, prevention, and resolution of problems in power distribution systems. The meter includes a comprehensive set of troubleshooting features for preventing and analyzing power quality issues. 

The APS – Power Quality Analyzer smartly measures and analyses 3-phase/4-wire systems. The APS analyser is EN50160 compliant and has a testing frequency of up to 1000Hz. 



Specifications Range Accuracy
Voltage, Current & Frequency Voltage: 10~700V (true rms)
Current: 0.5~3000A (true rms, with relevant CT) Voltage: ±0.2%
Neutral current: 0.5~25A (true rms) Current: ±0.5%
Current peak: 0-3000A Frequency: ±0.01Hz
Voltage peak: 0-1000V
Crest factor: 0-10 NOTE: Take L1 frequency as total
Frequency: 30~1000Hz measurement frequency.
Harmonics Voltage: Total harmonic +1~50th Voltage: ±0.2(%f)
Current: Total harmonic +1~50th Current: ±0.2(%f)
K-factor: 0-10 ±0.5%
Harmonic Power Total harmonic: +1~30th ±0.5%
Total reactive harmonic power: ΣQ
Total reactive harmonic power: ΣQ
Total positive active harmonic power: +ΣP
Total negative active harmonic power: -ΣP
Total positive reactive harmonic power: +ΣQ
Total negative reactive harmonic power: -ΣQ
Inter-harmonics Voltage: total inter-harmonic +1~20th Voltage: ±0.2(%r)
Current: total inter-harmonic +1~20th Current: ±0.2(%r)
Power & Energy Active power: 0.05~700KW Active power: ±0.5%
Apparent power: 0.05~700KVA Apparent power: ±0.5%
Reactive power: 0.05~700KVAR Reactive power:±1%
Power factor: 0.00~1.00 Power factor: ±0.005
Active energy: 0.01~10000kWh Active energy: ±0.5%
Apparent energy: 0.01~10000kVAh Apparent energy: ±0.5%
Reactive energy: 0.01~10000kVARh Reactive energy: ±1%
Average power factor: 0.00~1.00 Average power factor: ±0.005
Unbalance Fundamental voltage: 10~700V (true rms) Voltage: ±0.5%
Fundamental current: 0.5~1000A (True rms) Current: ±0.5%
Fundamental frequency: 40~70Hz Frequency: ±0.01Hz
Phase angle: 0~360o Phase angle: ±0.3 o
Unbalance: 0.0%~100% Voltage unbalance: ±0.2%
NOTE: Take L1 frequency as total
measurement frequency.
Data Recording Data logging for: 3 phase voltage, current, null Phase angle: ±0.3 o
current, voltage harmonic (THD and 1~25 Phase angle: ±0.3 o
harmonics), current harmonics (THD and 1~25
harmonics), unbalance, KW, KVA, KVAR, PF, flicker
and fluctuation
Sags(Dips)/Swells Voltage sag, voltage swells and instant interruption Maximal event recorded: 40 times
Event characteristics listed: Start time, ending time, Time:±10ms
duration time(≥20ms) and voltage magnitude(rms1/2)
Fluctuation Voltage fluctuation:0.1%~10.0% ≤±5%
Flicker 1min flicker, short-time(10min) and long-time(2h) flicker 1 minute short-time: ≤±5.5%
10 minutes short time: ≤±5%
2 hours long-time: ≤±5%
Inrush Inrush Current, Inrush duration, Arms ½, Expected 2 hours long-time: ≤±5%
Time, Max. Amp, Min. Amp, Threshold Amp
Transient Voltage transient based on 120% above of nominal Capture rate: 98.7%
voltage Minimal detect duration: 20μs
Power wave Measure active power, reactive power, and apparent Semi-wave power reading±0.5%
power semi-wave and power tendency of 1 min, 3
min and 5 min.
Scope 3-phase voltage, 4-wire current, null voltage and null Max sampling frequency: 200KHz
current waveform Min sampling frequency: 100Hz

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  1. Isla

    Analyzing power has never been this easy with the Antipodes Power Quality Analyzer. It gives precise and reliable measurement results.

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