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APS Advance Industrial Battery Tester

Battery Power has become an industry standard need across all sectors. Smart equipment has become reliant on the assurance of battery capacity being available at all times should any power failure or black-outs occur. Without high level electrical interrogation of this asset, one is always at risk of having a system failure due to the batteries not meeting the capacity needs.

It is required that the battery be measured both at impedance level and conductance level along with DC voltage to exactly determine the status of a battery. This can only be achieved with an Advanced Battery Tester. This application is done via multi-frequency scanning and is a non-invasive, non-destructive testing method for lead acid batteries. The APS tester is capable of providing accurate and effective capacitive information that will ensure the backup power systems deliver power when needed. This technology will ensure cost reduction on maintenance costs and ensure maximum use of the battery without any risk.

The APS –Advanced Battery Tester has been designed to support the battery market, where there is a need for a separate source to determine and technically evaluate the status and life span of a battery.

Antipodes Power offers this solution both as an outright equipment sale or rental option based on customer needs.