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  • LCD alphanumeric front panel
  • 2 microcontrollers
  • 128 event records with RTC
  • Clock and calendar (battery supported)
  • Remote control from RS232 port
  • Custom input voltage and frequency ranges
  • Three-phase or Single phase options
  • SNMP communication
  • 2 years warranty
  • 10 years of spare parts support
  • 50 Hertz in / 60 Hertz out
  • 60 Hertz in / 50 Hertz out
  • 50 Hertz in / 400 Hertz out
  • 60 Hertz in / 400 Hertz out


The APS- FC Series is supplied in both a single or three-phase format. The frequency converters PWM controlled, IGBT technology and the system are controlled by a microprocessor. The term frequency changer or frequency converter refers to an electronic device that converts alternating current (AC) of one frequency to alternating current of another frequency. The device may also change the voltage, but if it does, that is incidental to its principal purpose.

The APS frequency converter is a state of technology used predominantly in the military sector but has found uses in laboratory environments and other critical related applications. The system integrates both high-frequency switching technology with an output control transformer to offer frequency and voltage control to your load. For guaranteed stable frequency, this technology ensures peace of mind and maximum protection regarding your desired output supply.



Voltage: 230/400 Vac Single Phase and Three Phase
Frequency: See model Selection Table
Voltage THD: < 10%
EMI: EN50091-2 Class A
Protections: Input fuse, low/ high voltage alarm


Power kVA: 2-200kVA range
Power Factor: Standard 0.8 or special product
Voltage/ Frequency: See model Selection Table
Frequency Tolerance %: est 0.2%
Protections: Overload, short circuit, low/ high voltage alarm
Crest Factor: 3:01
Overload: 100-125% for 10 mins, 125-150% 1 min, > 150% output inhibit
T H D (full load): <3%


Human Interface: Alphanumeric LCD panel, mimic lamps, control buttons
Parallel: Available as an option
Alarm Memory: 128 events, 4000 alarms with time and date
Clock and calendar: Standard
Communication: RS232 serial port
Protections: Over-temperature and overload protection
Ambient Temperature: 0-40 C
Protection Degree: IP20
Humidity/ altitude: 90% (non-condensed)/ <1000m above sea level

Model Selections

Input: 50 or 60Hz
Output: 50 or 60Hz or 400Hz

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