What is a Circuit Breaker? Types, Functions and Working Principle

circuit breaker MCB

Ever experienced that sinking feeling when you’re behind on a project and your laptop gives up on you? Picture this: racing against the clock, desperately plugging in the charger, and boom – darkness engulfs the room. So, what’s the deal with that? In a panic, you stumble around, searching for the switch that will bring […]

Difference Between Voltage Stabiliser and UPS

Have you ever felt your heart sink as a sudden power fluctuation wipes away all your hard work, leaving you stranded in a void of lost data? The regret sets in. “Why didn’t I have any protection in place?” you ask yourself. Now, you find yourself standing at a crossroads, uncertain of which path to […]

What is an Adjustable Voltage Regulator? How can it be adjusted?

adjustable voltage regulator

If you’re looking for a way to regulate and control the voltage of your electrical system, an adjustable voltage regulator may be the perfect solution. This device has the potential to increase efficiency and safety in your electrical system by providing a reliable and consistent voltage level, no matter what external factors might fluctuate. But […]

Essential Guide to Surge Diverters: How They Work and Why You Need One

surge diverters

Imagine this: you’re sitting at home, watching your favourite show on Netflix, when all of a sudden, you hear a loud pop. You walk over to your breaker box and find that one of the breakers has tripped. In an instant, your peace and quiet are replaced by the sound of a running washing machine—or […]