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Main Features

  • 3 Phase in / 3 Phase Out (3 -150 kVA) 
  • Three Phase Voltage Stabiliser
  • Non-linear charge drive 
  • Wide power and voltage interval 
  • Fast Regulation
  • High power efficiency 
  • Load transfer bypass via Pole Charge Switch 
  • Safe and economical operation 
  • Overcurrent and overload protection (Optional) 
  • Digitally display status, input and output measurements 
  • 2-year warranty
  • 10-year spare part support


The APS – AVR 3P Voltage Regulator is a server drive structured microcontroller for heavy-duty devices. It regulates critical load voltage. The APS AVR consists of a Servo Controlled Injection circuit that supplies an in-phase or out-of-phase voltage to the primary of a buck/boost transformer, its secondary winding is connected between the supply and the load. The injection circuit can thus add or subtract a voltage to the supply. 

The microprocessor monitors the output voltage of the stabiliser and controls the supply of voltage to the injection circuit. The servo mechanical circuit coupled to the buck-boost transformer is energised in the appropriate polarity to restore the voltage to the correct level. The method of stabilisation inherently compensates for any change in the output voltage. By adopting this methodology, the APS-3P ensures that loads are not subjected to voltage variations which either are too low or too high, which result in equipment failure such as electronic control systems failing or burning out due to over voltage or motors and cooling systems stalling and failing due to very low voltages as a result of not enough torque. The APSAVR 3P is designed to operate continuously in harsh environments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to protect and extend the life of the equipment. This technology includes easy-to-read displays to ensure that raw power and regulated power from the AVR are clearly displayed. 



Model 33003 33006 33010 330015 330020 330030 330045 330060 330075 330100 330120 330150
Power kVA 3 6 10,5 15 22,5 30 45 60 75 100 120 159
Regulator Input
In. Vol. Correct Interval 190 -485 VAC / 275 - 450 VAC / 310 -450 VAC
In. Vol. Working Interval 155 - 490 VAC
Operation Frequency 47 - 65 Hz
Line Input Protection Overcurrent, Low and High Voltage Protection
Output Voltage 380/400/415 VAC RMS ± 1%
Overloading 10 Sec, 200% Load
Upturn Period ~ 90 Volt / Sec
Output Protection Protects load by opening circuit when overburdened.
Working Principle
Servo Motor, Microprocessor Controlled, Fully Automatic
Cooling Smart Fan System
Measures Value Monitor APS True RMS Panel Voltmeter (74 x 74 mm) Output voltage and line voltage monitorisation
Total Harmomic Distortion N/A
Total Efficiency > 96%
Mechanical Bypass Manually Controlled Line- PAKO Switch Selects Regulator, Switches ON and OFF
Protection Level IP 20 / IP 25
Working Temperature - 10°C / 50°C
Storage Temperature - 35°C / + 60°C
Relative Humidity < 90%, DIN (40040)
Working Altitude < 3000m
Accoustic Level < 50 dB (1 m2)
Certification CE / TUV Austraia Hellas (ISO 9001)
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 1100 x 500 x 440 1190 x 600 x 440 1400 x 850 x 640 1630 x 900 x 69
Weight (kg) 75 90 125 135 154 181 227 330 356 456 520 600

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  1. Harper

    I assure you APS three phase voltage stabilizer is a top rated product that ensures uninterruptable power supply. It remarkably stabilizes voltage fluctuations.

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