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APS-2P Low Voltage SPD Class II 230VAC


  • IEC 61643-11 compliance and application to the TN system 
  • Pluggable design with two SPD poles that can be easily replaced without the use of tools. 
  • High discharge capacity with an 8/20 us waveform and an Imax of 60kA 
  • There is a visual status display as well as a remote signal contact option. 
  • The backup fuse is rated at 160A gL / GC and is only used if the mains are down. 


Type 2 AC surge arrester for surge protection of low-voltage power supply systems at the borders of lightning protection zones 1-2 and higher. The T2 Class AC Surge Protective Devices are a subset of Class II Surge Protective Devices. They are designed to protect against transient overvoltage caused by fast switching operations or by lightning strikes that strike indirectly (residuum effects). Because of the frequent occurrence of overvoltage peaks, the modular design with plug-in inserts allows for simple and quick replacement of function modules when the MOV has reached the end of its lifespan. 



Part. No DT60/320-2V-S
In accordance with IEC 61643-11:2011; UL1449-4th
Category IEC / VDE II/ C
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (AC/DC) Uc 320/420
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20) In 30kA
Max. Discharge Current (8/20) Imax 60kA
Voltage Protection Rating In <1.5kV
VPR <1.1kV
Response Time ≤25 ns
Follow Current No
Backup Fuse (only if not provided by mains) 160A gL / gC
Operating Temperature Range - 40 °C ~ + 80 °C
Cross-section of Connection Wire Single-strand 35mm2 ; multi-strand 25mm2
Mounting 35mm DIN-rail in accordance with EN 50022 / DIN46277-3
Enclosure Material Thermoplastic; extinguishing degree UL94 V-0
Degree of Protection IP20
Installation Width 2 modules, DIN 43880
Thermal Disconnector Internal green – normal; red – failure
Remote Alarm Contact Optional
Approvals, Certifications CE
Additional Data for Remote Alarm Contacts
Remote Alarm Contact Type Isolated Form C
Switching Capability Un / In AC: 250V/0.5A
DC: 250V/0.1A; 125V/0.2A; 75V/0.5A
Max. Size of Connecting Wire Max. 1.5mm2 (or # 16AWG)

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1 review for APS-2P Low Voltage SPD Class II 230VAC

  1. Naix

    The APS-2P Low Voltage SPD Class II 230VAC is an excellent surge protection device for low voltage systems. It is easy to install and provides reliable protection against power surges. Its compact design makes it perfect for use in tight spaces. Overall, a great investment for protecting your electrical devices.

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