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APS- Solar Monitoring Ethernet Module

Main Features:

  • Inverter data collection and transmission
  • Module-level monitoring of each inverter
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Small size, flexible installation
  • AC power monitoring
  • Software 
  • High-frequency metering


Our cutting-edge Energy Communication Unit, the APsystems ECU, serves as the information gateway for our microinverters. The unit collects module performance data from each individual microinverter and sends it in real time to an internet database, requiring only a single data and power cable. 

The integrated APsystems EMA, our cutting-edge Energy Communication Unit, and the APsystems EMA, our full-featured Energy Monitoring & Analysis software, provide intelligent monitoring for the APsystems microinverter solution. 


APS- E Solar Communications (Ethernet Module)

General parameters
Connecting inverters No. [set] 1
Inverter communication port RS232
Remote communication port Wi-fi
Data collection interval[min] 2.4
Firmware update method <0.5
Access data method 100
Status display 1~30 [Optional], 10 [Standard]
Electric parameter
Input Voltage DC 5V (±5%)
Static consumption [W] <0.6
Max. instant consumption [W] <2
Operating temperature range 40℃~+85℃
Storage temperature range -45℃~+90℃
Dimensions [H*W*D][mm] 116*65*27
Weight [g] 84
Ingress protection IP65
Mounting method Plug-in+Screw lock
Warranty [Year] 2[Standard] / 5[Optional]

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  1. Harrison

    Loved this monitoring device. Highly recommended!

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