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APS- MV Pad Mounted Capacitor Banks

Key Features 

  • Compensation for Shunts (Fixed & Automatic) 
  • External Fuse Capacitors are available. 
  • Bus bar made of tin-plated copper 
  • Indoor/outdoor layout 
  • M.Sc., CRCA sheet inclosure with M.Sc. coating Paint made of polyurethane. 


Antipodes provides custom-designed pad-mounted capacitor banks for power factor correction and voltage support in load circuits rated at 5kV, 15kV, 25kV, and 35kV. Capacitor cells rated up to 600kVAr, with up to three capacitor units per phase, can be supplied to banks. Capacitor cells, capacitor switches, controls, fuses, and current-limiting reactors are all possible components. Padmounts, which are commonly used with underground distribution systems, have a low profile and low installation costs, typically fitting into a 60-inch cube. These pad-mounted capacitor banks are metal-enclosed and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Capacitors and other equipment are assembled and tested in the factory before being shipped to the installation site. An automatic power factor controller will be installed in the vacuum contactor or circuit breaker. 


  • Cement and sugar plants
  • Water pumping stations
  • Other large-scale industries


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1 review for APS- MV Pad Mounted Capacitor Banks

  1. Kobe

    loved this capacitor bank, highly recommended

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