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APS MV Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank

Key Features:

  • Aluminium alloy frame that is lightweight and strong (Galvanized steel available upon request) 
  • Scalable packaged solution for 3 – 12 capacitor unit mounting 
  • Available in both fixed and switched configurations; vacuum- and oil-insulated switches are available. 
  • All energised terminals and conductors are protected from wildlife. 
  • There is a controller and control strategy available, as well as zero voltage closing capabilities. 
  • Tin-plated parallel groove connectors on bank frames provide a bank ground connection point. 
  • Integral lifting provision is included in free-standing bank frames to help with weight distribution during installation. 


  • Maximum power _ 150 to 3500 KVAR
  • Rated Voltage: 11KV to 33KV
  • Insulation Level: Upto 50/125KV B/L


Pole-mounted capacitor banks are fixed to distribution network feeders of 11KV or 33KV. The mounting structure is made of galvanised welded M.Sc. angle at which the M.V. The capacitor switch and other accessories have been installed. Power factor correction and voltage control are provided by pole-mounted capacitor banks on medium-voltage industrial and utility electrical overhead systems. Banks are available with ratings of up to 4500kVAr and voltages of up to 35kV. (grounded wye). Depending on the system profile, “polemounts” are available as a fixed or switched system. All wiring and bushing terminals can be outfitted with animal protectors for added security. 

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1 review for APS MV Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank

  1. Sienna

    I highly recommend the Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank. Its lightweight and scalable design, with various switch configurations and wildlife protection, make it a reliable choice

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